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Avesta Strata and Property Management

Strata Management


Our goal is to build a strong relationship with Strata Councils and help you manage budgets and finances, develop maintenance plans, solve complex problems, ensure legal and regulatory compliance, prepare for and execute meetings, and plan and budget for the future. 

In doing this we aim to provide the highest standard of property management while building positive long-term relationships with owners, Strata Councils and residents. 

We want to help maintain and build your home into an enjoyable, successful and homey place to live.  


Highlights of Services

  • Manage your common assets for the benefit of your owners.
  • Repair and maintain your common property to keep your owners happy.
  • Obtain and maintain full-replacement value property insurance to protect your home.
  • Enforce the bylaws and rules of the Strata Corporation.
  • Prepare and keep diligent records for the property.